Sunday, March 21, 2010


Today I sowed the following in heated propagators in the conservatory:

Lettues, Bronze Arrowhead
Cucumbers, Mini White
Broccoli Raab (like broccoli flavour but leafy)
Parsley (french)
Basil, Holy Green
Lettuce, Reine de Glaces
Gourds mixed
Courgettes (yellow)

Getting everything ready to sow, including sorting through loads and loads of seeds, took *ages*. Am quite chuffed to have the first lot on though.

If you know that some of these are duff/ shouldn't be in heat/ shouldn't be sown now.... I'm not sure I want to know!


  1. Hello Emily, I'm really pleased to see you're getting in to the seed sowing. I start most things off in heat especially at this time of year as it can still get quite cold in a unheated greenhouse also I think the propagator gives them some protection from mice and slugs. You have to move the more hardy things like the lettuce and broccoli out as soon as they come through though or they just get all leggy and damp off. It looks like you have sown different kinds of lettuce which is good, I like to see the red leaf ones and the green next to each other in the garden, they always look to good to eat I think. I have to confess that I struggle with cucumbers when they're young. They come on well initially but then just when they look like they're getting away they wilt or rot or some other such thing so I usually grow plenty then I can manage to get a couple through which is all thats needed really. Anyway good luck with everything, Bob.

  2. Yes I know what you mean about cucumbers. The mini ones are a good strain but they do still need slug-traps a go-go (and indeed reinforcements on stand by!)

  3. I planted my first seeds today. I'm very behind compared with other years but the season is late . . . and other years I'm often so keen to get growing, I start too soon - so I'm hoping it will all turn out fine after all!


  4. Gosh, I have some catching up to do. You've inspired me to sow my courgettes.

  5. Hey Emily - HAPPY EASTER! More posts please! How are your seeds doing?

  6. Nice list. I need to get some going today, and now I think I will!

  7. Emily, did you know we use the word 'duff' over here to mean leaf litter and detritus off the forest floor - it's a legal source of seeds for our forest plants and trees. You spread it thinly on a layer of suitable compost/soil, and keep it damp, and it's marvelous to see the variety of things that come up. You have to be patient, 'tho', as there is a long wait for some trees to germinate.


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