Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What is the word for -

anthropomorphism, only with plants?

I was talking to a shrub today, whose I identity I'm not entirely sure of but I think it's a deutzia, and telling it that I remember when it was only so high - showing it, you know, with my hand. Then I heard myself...

Anyway, here's a picture of one of its arms - sorry, branches. I was going to show you a snap of the whole plant, obviously, but I'm a bit ashamed of the mess round the bottom so this will have to do for now. Can anyone tell me what it is?


  1. I don't know either, sorry - but you are not the only one who talks to her plants like that. I do sometimes wonder what the neighbours think - but mostly I don't care :-D

  2. Hi Emily, Its hard to tell for sure from the picture but I get the feeling from what I can see that it could be a Weigela. As you say it could be a Deutzia which are also in flower at the moment but I feel the leaves are to strong for it to be that from what I can see of it. But if for sure you know its not a Weigela then I think it will be a Deutzia.

  3. I suspect you've got it there, Bob. We certainly had a weigela also at one point. When we moved in they were planted about a foot apart and one died, I never knew which.

  4. I think a good idea for tulips is to plant them in pots just cheep plastic ones then you can put them round the garden where you want then when there over leave in the pots to die down and hide them in the shed or garage then start to water early next year. vicki

  5. I've never seen a white weigela, but I also think that's what this is.


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