Sunday, March 7, 2010


Ladies and gentlemen, this is March. I'm telling you that, because if I don't you will almost certainly mistake it for January.

Only the first of these photos was taken in the garden, the others were out on walks. Or slithers, as you might call them.

A little triumph: I had always wanted snowdrops in the garden and it took me three years to get them settled, but I think they're here to stay now:

Ashdown Forest:

Closer to home, Holmwood Common:

The only greenery to be seen on the trees is lichen:

Four Wents Pond, Holmwood Common


  1. Slither being the appropriate word as I found to my cost this winter, although I must get some new boots as the tread has worn smooth.

    The snowdrops are delightful and I like the sun reflected in the pond.

    If you can get out of the wind into a sheltered part of the garden it has been good for gardening in the sun these last few days.

  2. Lovely photos EB. We had tried to establish snowdrops in the back garden here, but the extension build seems to have destroyed them. We do have some in the front though, but only one little clump. I will have to plant some more. I just love them.

    Did I tell you we have a house in Worthing? And I am a Virgo and we have so much in common!

  3. OOW! Emily you posted!! Thats cool and what lovely pictures too. I love to see the trees without their clothes on against a plain sky when it is clear to see every twist and turn that has been molded by wind and light. Well It is right what you say about the Dafs, the days are lovely with the sunshine but the cold nights are sure to slow things down. Anyway as always its nice to see what you've been up too although a little worrying that the title of the post is 'March' I sure hope the next one isn't entitled 'April'!

  4. Lovely to see you posting here again, Emily :-*

    We have snowdrops out now too, and the January daffodils and crocuses are flowering, and the February crocuses are in bud. The February/March daffodils are just starting to show their heads ::)

  5. You have been missed!! Glad you are back...I have been slacking myself!

  6. Those snowdrops certainly look settled to me. Nice.
    I like the pictures of the stark trees, although it has been about enough, now.

  7. I've never seen snowdrops in New Zealand. They are so pretty! Do they like the same conditions as Lily of the Valley? Because I have a little patch of that, that struggles on year after year...


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