Tuesday, June 23, 2009


My screen is fairly dark so I find it hard to get colours right. This rose is so, so beautiful - as dark as I've ever seen and velvety, with classic rose scent.


  1. Emily, I just love that gorgeous dark rose. I have just planted a rose called 'Almost Black' which I am waiting to bloom. I hope it is as dark as your rose. Just a beautiful arrangement.

  2. Hi Emily, the rose goes well with the Sweet Peas.

  3. wow, beautiful colour, i love it x

  4. Yes it really is a beauty with a velvety lokk to it.

  5. It looks a bit like the rose "Dark Lady" which I have in my garden. They are perfection at the moment, aren't they?

  6. I keep on looking at the dramatic header.


  7. Hi Emily, I've just been catching up with your blog.

    I missed you when you were on holiday, but by the time you came back I had gone away (to stay with my parents while we had builders in here) so I haven't visited for about a fortnight.

    I loved the pictures of your parents' garden in Quillan - and what an amazing oven: your dad is very talented! Coudons looks idyllic.

    My garden is looking a bit scary and all over the place at the moment too - I filled two trugs full of deadheading when I got back but haven't had the chance to do much else yet, except for lots of watering - and of course it all needs deadheading again now!

    Romeo also goes everywhere barefoot - and I see weeds when I close my eyes too ;)


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