Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting there...

Here are some pictures.

This is a "tell it like it is" shot of the pond. The main plants have either toppled in or have rooted out into the pond. I tried to hoik them out today but the electric cable is growing through them, and since I am the most accident prone person you've ever not met, it was clear I should wait until my husband is around to help.

The pink rose around the filter chamber is still fairly new - I think this is her 2nd year. She will look stunning maybe next year or the one after, you'll see - if you're still reading this! She is Raubritter (Kordes of Germany, 1936). She can be a climber but she also scrambles about happily, as here. Again, she's very healthy which I appreciate, and totally hassle-free. No scent but that's not essential to me in every rose. She'd look nice with something growing with her - I think one of the white shade-loving cranesbills maybe, on the left. There won't be space for anything to scramble with her by next year.

This is a tiny bunch of the echium I mentioned growing from seed a few months ago. It has come on really well.

This is the far end of the patio just at the moment. Needs weeding and tidying, but I'm pleased with how the containers are coming on. I've just moved some so that they get more sun. (Pippa looks a bit odd here because of how she was rolling - she loves lying and rolling on the lawn.) - I should also explain about the pots. Only a few are going to stay there, most are being used to raise plants in that I will then put in the borders. That's why they look rather a jumble.

I love the anticipation:


  1. I love roses when they are in the bud stage. Joy to come! Val

  2. Now that's what I call a nice pond...

  3. What a beautiful rose bush. Yes, wait for hubby to help. Water and electrical lines do not always go together well.
    Your dog is enjoying the warm grass. The echium is very pretty. I love the shades of pink and purple together.

  4. Hi The pond s looking ok but the rose is a real beauty.
    You are right about anticipation I think blogging and taking photos adds to the pleasure of the garden and the wait is always worth it.

  5. So very beautiful! I like the cupped shape of the rose.


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