Saturday, June 13, 2009

A better day

This rose is Phyllis Bide, introduced by a firm called Bide in 1923. The flowers do get a bit tatty when they've been open for a while, but in the sunlight they look a wonderful luminous golden pink, and the foliage is glossy and healthy even for people like me who never spray.

And I was very pleased with these too!

Today I watered all the containers and the greenhouse; took lots of cuttings from a tradescantia houseplant; turned the main compost heap; tied up a big plant; and mowed all the various bits of lawn.

I thought you might like to see how our novelty chard is doing (my husband, seen here kindly doing duty as a yardstick, is 5ft11 tall):

I'm also over the moon with this plant. It's crambe cordifolia, which I have been trying to grow for 5 years. Three times it was killed by slugs; last year it managed to survive, just; this year the more mature plant put up the top growth you can see here. The picture doesn't do it justice - it's a huge airy cloud of tiny flowers. The surrounding planting is too low because I didn't realise how big it would get (and weeding will be done here soon!) but even so I'm very chuffed with it.


  1. Those strawberries looked delicious! (And I am starved, just walked in the door from a garden tour.) Beautiful roses! Amazing how many kinds there are. I think people who are 5'11" are awesome...that happens to be my height, too. Ha ha.

  2. We have two crambe cordifolias. Great in the garden. That rose is stunning.

  3. Emily, I liked everything and everyone on your pictures, but the image of crambe cordifolia took my breath away! I have only one my garden, it didn't bloom last year. I hope it will bloom this summer, but its grows is very slow. Does your plant have full sun? Mine grows in a shady place with some morning sun. I think it is an amazing plant!

  4. This is a really lovely blog! Lovely pictures too and I shall enjoy reading it.

  5. Hello all -

    Red Clover, you have a long way to bend down for the weeding,

    K&V - you must have very good taste ;)

    Tatyana - thank you. Yes, it's in full sun. It grows very fast - well, as fast as it can since about a third of its growth gets eaten!

    Charlotte - welcome, thank you. I can't view your profile to see your blog though (if you have one) because it says it's private. Nice to see you here anyway.

  6. The crambe looks spectacular. I've only ever seen it in a book, so I'm very impressed.

  7. Absolutely eye-catching roses! Wow! And there are such masses of them that it makes feel so envious almost just looking at your photo!
    It is a real challenge growing roses (or even one single one)in India :P

  8. What a gorgeous rose!!!!!!!!! It does seem like I have been gone forever! The week seem to have flown by! A week with spotty phone service and no internet wasn't bad after all. Much needed relaxation

  9. Hi Emily, you have some very nice plants in your garden and the Strawberries look very inviting. The thing that impresses me the most though is that you get hubby to take off his shoes before going in the garden. I find it very annoying when people mess up the lawn with muddy shoes LOL! You will need to be getting your Wallflowers and Sweet Williams etc. sown now Emily. They can be sown outdoors in a row thinned or transplanted and grown on ready for planting out in Autumn

  10. Victoria - wow, how nice to have it that way round! I have so many gardening books with little bookmarks sticking up marking plants I like.

    Sunita - but think of all the amazing things you can grow that we struggle with! I would so like to be able to grow more Indian herbs and vegetables.

    DP Welcome back :)

    Bob - ha ha ha. B goes everywhere at home without shoes, almost all year round. Hence my fairly frequent references to my acitivity clearing up after Pippa! Thanks for that about the biennials, I shall buy some seed.


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