Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Heat

It has been slightly cooler today. I took the temperature out on the patio, but in the shade, yesterday,and it was 32. In the conservatory even with all the windows open that we can, it's a good bit hotter than that. Any book or whatever left in there gets warped by the heat, and just walking through it is unpleasant.

I've done some work each day in the morning, from about 7:30 to 10, but after that it's too hot for me. I'm OK in the heat if all I have to do is sit about, but I get woozy very quickly if I try to be active. It feels rather pathetic really. I cope with coldness far better.

I could go out in the evenings, but I don't. I feel lathargic. Maybe if I had a bit more gumption I'd do it. Anyway, since apparently I'm lacking in that department, I've been a bit alienated from the garden for over a week now.

The sweet peas have done magnificently, indeed they carry on that way. The echiums are doing very well too (ie little bedding ones, not the huge perennials). Also the pink rose over the pond, which is blooming for the first time properly this year, is a delight: it seems to hold its flowers for ages.

The pond is very clear, and we have two clematis in bloom, neither of which have been really visible any year previously.

I will take some pictures tomorrow if I'm not busy being burned to a frazzle!


  1. Oh, 32 sounds very hot for your area! That's a rather normal temp for our summers here.

    Hope it cools down for you soon.

  2. Yes Emily it really is too hot and such a time waster. I manage a bit in the mornings and then the evening is taken up with watering two neighbours gardens and my own. Why do people go away in a heat wave?

    My sweet peas are getting shorter and shorter stems eventually they will give up just from the constant heat no matter how much I water, it is the hot air around them that seems to finally make them shrivel up.

    I think it may be cooler tomorrow but where is that rain?

  3. I am with you on the heat! The heat and humidity here is terrible! It feels like you can't breathe when you walk outside. I can't bare to be outside workign in this heat. Thus the reason I have done no gardening these past few weeks. It is unbearable! It was 92* here the other day and we were excited about it!!!! 92* is MUCH better than 98*!!!!!!!

  4. I've just unearthed a sprinkler from the dirtiest, darkest, spideriest corner of the shed, only to come inside and see that the weather forecast really is predicting rain tonight. (Usually they dangle the prospect enticingly in front of us, only for the clouds to bypass London completely.) Hurray, but grrrr.

  5. Dear Victoria,

    Thank you very much for finding your sprinkler. You have clearly thereby, in reverse magical sympathy (otherwise knowns as Sod's Law) attracted a glorious amount of rain to South-East England. Shame I didn't see the forecast and had left some of my tools out, but nothing really damaged and oh the garden looks grateful!

    The snag with high heat in England is that because we geti t rarely, we're not set up for it. At home we have no air-conditioning. I don't see the need really, it's not worth it, but if it stays warm over night (which it didn't really this year to be honest) it gets oppressive.

  6. Ah, poor you. I can't cope with the heat either. We've been so muggy here, the sky is constantly grey and it has been raining uber hard all night but the clouds are low and it's foggy and humid. Yuck. I can here the fog horns on the lough - I'm staying in. Damp warm air and rain? Weird and not so nice - the lants like it though apart from the fungal infections and blight starting!

  7. The heat is unbearable,Emily I agree. We've just had a tremendous rain storm that has failed to cool things down. My sweet peas are suffering,and for the first time in years the grass in some parts o the garden is brown and crunchy.

    I don't like it,she said wimpily.

  8. Hi Emily, You've worked hard in your garden right from the start of the year so don't feel compelled to work in the sun if it doesn't agree with you. I always think the garden looks at its best on a hot sunny day so make the job for that sort of day an appreciation of all your hard work day. Bob.


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