Thursday, April 21, 2011

More pics

Hello all,
Nice to see your comments again. I have onions and courgettes in the veg garden now (I'm gambling on the weather re the courgette).

Rob, the tree is an olive. I think we've basically lost it, sadly. I'm not sure why - too cold over the winter maybe. Also perhaps olives don't like heavy clay but that's my excuse over rather a lot... and one of them was in a pot so that hardly applies. :( I'll give it another month or so though. Then I'm thinking I might just put a clematis up it - with maybe something to shade the base. It's a nice shape. But we had originally planned to get anoher fruit tree for there - if I can find a small damson, I'd love one. Not sure whether they do them. I miss damsons.

Sorry not to get round many other blogs just yet - I do intend to, only as you can imagine I'm busy trying to chase my tail.

A couple of pretties:


  1. Thankyou for leaving me such a nice comment - I love the look of your garden too. You have a lovely variety of foliage which set each other off so well. I am envious of your vegetable garden as we are short of space but I grow a few in containers.

  2. Hi Emily, I asked about the tree because we have one the same! Ours is an Olive tree and I think it was just to cold for it. We've left ours in but I see the bark is now peeling of so I think that is a sure sign that its dead. I love Damson jam.


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