Sunday, April 17, 2011

How things look at the moment

I haven't posted here for a long time so here are some pictures of the garden at the moment. I'm out in it most days and enjoying it very much.

Note: Please do click on the pictures to see much better versions, which come up straight away.

This is taken from a window in my study. The apple tree (blossoming) in the middle of the picture is about two thirds back in the garden: the little bit of fence just to the right is before you get to the vegetable garden.

The first bit of garden you come to - the patio and the pond:

Where you came from - conservatory, and the herb bed - looks a bit bare because it's just been weeded but will fill out very soon:

Two views of the square garden which you come to next - the weeding here isn't finished yet...

Then you get to this bit, in pretty much the centre of the garden:

This is just to the left. The chicken wire and trillis on its side are where I'm trying to keep Pippa off some new plants, and from scrambling over a low fence. They'll be gone soon! She doesn't live in the kennel, by the way - it was left by the people before us.

At the back is the vegetable garden. Most of the veg is still in the greenhouse (which I'm not showing because it's a mess - I'm not showing the fruit cage either!) It's funny how much the camera shrinks things: these beds are each 12 feet by 4:

And then back:


  1. Hello! Good to see you posting again, and your garden's looking lovely & lush. I like those veg beds - wish I had space for some!

  2. Wow, it looks sooo green and lush!
    Loved your raised beds in the Kitchen garden!
    Thanks for the peek! :)

  3. Oh what a wonderful, wonderful garden! I love all of it, especially the way that it's divided into 'rooms' and your kitchen garden looks set for some great veg growing action - so tidy!! I found you via Maureen's blog at Allotment Heaven but will take great pleasure in popping over now. Please keep writing! Caro x

  4. You have a pretty place. Your gardens are coming alive. Lots of veggies will fit in those raised beds.

  5. Hi Emily, it's good to see you posting again. I thought you had given up !! so glad you haven't. The garden is looking great, you have really worked hard. I can remember when you were just starting to clear it of weeds, that was ages ago now, it looks so lush and mature.

  6. Hi Emily, looks like things are coming on okay. What is the tree in the oval shaped bed where teh forget me nots are? I spotted the pheasant from your header too. Things are growing fast now aren't they. Greenhouses and potting sheds tend to get in a mess at this time of year due to all the use they are getting. Well it's nice to see your garden again anyway.


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