Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Presents for the garden

Today I went shopping and I bought... (when I was a child I knew a game that began like that, and each person added something to the list. It was more fun than it sounds, if you made up disgusting or silly or rude things). Anyway, I bought what you can see on the table. A chicken planter, a dog hanging basket, two wire cups and saucers, and some plants (odd things, why did I buy those?). I think they're all rather sweet - particularly the dog! I wasn't a great one for novelty things in the garden until a few days ago. Very reluctantly I'd taken some rubbish to the tip, and as I drew up there I saw the staff carrying some metal items from the general household (landfill) section over to the metal recycling skip. I pounced immediately, and became the proud possessor of four metal frogs, just over 2 feet high, each playing a musical instrument. It helps if you know that my husband plays in several bands. And now they are all arranged round our pond, with stones on their feet until we sort out a better arrangement:
Just in case you can't see them, here they are again:
I think they're great! Something to look at if there's not much in flower just around there. So I treated myself to a few more fun things. Here are some more snaps of the garden over the last week. First here we are having the first barbecue for a while (you can see the chiminea lit too)
The smallest apple tree and the bluebells:
Tulips and friends:
And the oval bed about a week ago:
I have a friend coming for lunch and to see the garden on Tuesday so I'm using that as a focus to get it looking as good as it can at the moment. If we have some sunshine just before then, I'll take some pictures and put them here - otherwise I'll wait until we do, it seems to make all the difference. But at the moment I'm happy with it. Today I planted some late summer bubs and corms (I've never grown gladioli before) and the first of the summer containers. Lots of things to look forward to!


  1. I love those frogs - they made me laugh out loud! i would have grabbed them as well. I think you should give them froggy jazzy names - Art Toadum, Charlie Croaker, Dave Ribbit and Newt Ellington.

  2. I'm not a great one for things in the garden either, but I can see the appeal of the frogs :-D I wonder why someone threw them out instead of selling them.


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