Monday, November 2, 2009

Some work

First bit of proper work in the garden for a long time. Cleared and mowed two areas of lawn; aired and put away the patio umbrella; got some leaves out of the pond and to my great pleasure saw a live and well looking frog/toad. Noticed that the sprouts are coming on nicely, which is gratifying.

The garden is in much better shape than this time last year. There are no bald or dead bits of lawn and the borders are in better shape too. I rather wish I'd got my bulbs in before the leaves fell, but never mind.

Saw a couple of tiny, very early flowers on the winter jasmine. Our main holly tree also has more berries on it than I've ever seen.

Yesterday I put some bulbs in little pots to grow on indoors. One will go on the landing, the other in the conservatory. It may be too warm in the house but I'm hopeful. We don't keep it tropical! They each have 1 tulip in the bottom (purisima) and some dwarf irises just above. Last year I had a gorgeous scented hyacinth called Woodstock but I can only find it growing rather than as a bulb and I'm too mean to buy it that way. Edit: ooh I see Avon Bulbs have them. Mmmm...


  1. I will be planting seeds soon...almost time to get started up again!

  2. It sounds all very positive.

    Winter Jasmine . . . I thought I might like the smell of summer Jasmine but have decided it smells of bath salts and am definitely 'off' it. Does Winter Jasmine smell better? More delicate perhaps? Even not smell, just be pretty?


  3. Our holly in the Sierra Nevada foothills is also busting with berries--many more than usual. No happy toads here though--maybe they are dug in for the winter?

  4. I have teeny tiny tomatoes already on my 'patio toms' - bought this year as an experiment, as I have great hopes of being able to remember watering them, unlike other years...
    Lovely to see you are still enjoying your garden Emily.


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